Gocomma delivers a range of affordable, high quality mobile accessories for tech lovers. From Bluetooth car chargers, screen protectors to adapters, enjoy a smarter mobile life. Compact and practical, don't leave home without the latest in Gocomma technology products.

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Kütahya'ya ortalama 20 günde takipli ve sağlam paketlenmiş olarak geldi. Ortalama dedim çünkü 16 ürün birlikte almıştım. Gearbest 3 farklı zamanda ürünleri gönderdi. Toplu alım yaparsanız takipli alıyor ve kargo ücreti ödemiyorsunuz. Size de siparişlerinizi toplu vermenizi tavsiye ederim. Şarj adaptörüne gelince malzeme kalitesi güzel ve kaliteli. Hızlı şarj ediyor. 3 çıkışı var. Volt ve Amper değerlerini görüyorsunuz. Ürünü zaten takip ediyordum sadece indirim bekliyordum. Para puanlarla falan 25 Tl gibi bir fiyata geldi. Bu fiyata gene de çok iyi..
This handle is awesome! I did not expect such a good quality! It keeps the device very stable, it is solidly made. The rubber feet ensure that the earpiece does not move, and the phone is very stable in it.<br>It takes up little space when folded. I am impressed and I will buy more for my office for sure! I highly recommend!
With this one I can manage also my Wall Chargers, power banks, cables obviously, micro sd cards and usb key!<br>Stunning and useful bag. I need to reorganize all cables in home. <br>After using this case for some time now I can say that it is made of a good and strong material and I can assure you that you won't be dissapointed after purchasing this pouch.
(PT)<br>É um suporte prático para colocar no carro. <br>Encaixou com facilidade nas linhas arredondadas de um C3.<br>É fácil encaixar o telemóvel no suporte, a mola tem uma boa abertura, com borracha para uma melhor aderência e estabilidade do equipamento. A borrachas têm várias ranhuras, o que permite colocar o telemóvel em diferentes ângulos. <br>O material parece-me ser mais resistente do que aparenta. <br>Utilizei com um redmi 4x e correu lindamente.
This works great! Before I had it mosquitos and other bugs used to annoy us during summer nights in our backyard, but now this zapper attracts them with the light and kills them for us. Its also amazing that its solar powered so you don't worry about charging or wiring it. It also turns on by itself at night which is also great!
My best friend and I enjoy riding our motorcycles. We used to communicate by using cellphones, which isn't convenient and we cannot hear each other well. However, this is not the case after we use the Bluetooth intercoms. We can keep in touch with each other wirelessly now, and hands-free, in a safer way.<br>The signals are amazing, although I cannot see him, I can talk to him in real time. Wonderful!
The set up was easy. I am able to set alarm recording to the SD card and monitor it on my iPhone APP. The image is acceptable given the fact it is only 720P. The night vision is also acceptable. The only thing I wasn't sure how to set up was FTP site. I only wish the attached cords/cables are longer so I have more option as to where I can mount the camera. With short cords/cable, the option is limited.
case em acrílico, cor muito bonita, encaixa perfeitamente no raspberry pi 3, tem o suporte para o cooler e vem os parafusos. nada a reclamar!<br><br>case in acrylic, very beautiful color, fits perfectly on the raspberry pi 3, has the holder for the cooler and comes the screws. nothing to complain about!
La funda protectora es de muy buena calidad, la pantalla queda totalmente descubierta lo que permite un manejo total de la pantalla, no es necesario oprimir el botón de encendido ya que al abrir la funda protectora se activa la pantalla, la tapa tiene pliegues para poder doblarse y así poder ver vídeos sin la necesidad de sostener la tablet con las manos.
the quality is very good the product is as described by the material is good, closes perfectly and the cell phone case allows good handling of this in water conditions.<br>la calidad es muy buena el producto es tal como lo describen el materiaal es bueno, cierra perfectamente y la case del celular permite buen manejo de este en condiciones de agua
- Cable feels durable, great materials. <br>- Gocomma is a brand I used for cables. <br>- Tried a Keyboard and an XBOX 360 controller without any problem. <br>- Used in Motorola X4. <br>- El cable se siente bien hecho, de buenos materiales. <br>- La marca Gocomma es la que uso para cables. <br>- Use un teclado y un control de XBOX 360 sin problemas. <br>- Usado en un Motorola X4.
A truly high quality 2 piece smaller "Tactical Backpacks" with room to fit a plethora of various smaller things you will need to carry with you for your travel or hiking purposes. A huge plus+ is that it is also supporting an "add-it on - pull-it off" feature which is very useful to expand it's purpose.<br>Thanks Gearbest..
his is my first oukitel phone i had firsrt the look look very good the glass is 2.5d and the brightnes is very powerfull its run android 6.0 and have update to 6.01 the front camera its ok not bad but not somthinig spicial and the back camera its very bad its not shape its look like 5.0 mp but for this price its ok the phone run fast you can open the same time 4 or 5 aplication evreying run quiq the batter life its for aboy 4 hours not more
Na plus chyba tylko cena, jeżeli ktoś ma bardzo słaby słuch i żadnych wymagań odnośnie dźwięku to te słuchawki będą idealne. Ale nie liczyłem na coś zajebistego za 2,5 złotego :D dodam, że u nas z logiem manta takie słuchawki kosztują 15...
El producto es de muy buena calidad. Conectores de metal, cable de nailon, se observa bastante calidad, conecta perfectamente tanto el telefono (micro usb) como el puerto usb. No se cuanto me durará pero a primera vista es de los mejores cargadores que he tenido. Aun no he probado una carga de movil entera, no se si se recalienta
Excellent shop. Good product. All quickly, efficiently and cheaply.Excellent shop. Good product. All quickly, efficiently and cheaply.Excellent shop. Good product. All quickly, efficiently and cheaply.Excellent shop. Good product. All quickly, efficiently and cheaply.
In my opinion, this is the best shower I used home. I live in an old building and have a little bit of low water pressure. this shower makes me fill like I am making water massage each time I have the shower with this device. And the best part my water usage was improved greatly with this device.
Very cheap, good quality of the audio, battery ok, noise-cancelling, bluetooth! Everything came exactly as expected! Can't complain!!! Very satisfied with my purchase
Polecam. Naprawde super kontakty. Latwa obsluga, przyjazna aplikacje. Kontakty dobrze wykonane. Jedyny minus nie obsluguja gniazdek z bolcem - uziemieniem.
I'd only get this if you have an android and you want to play emulator games, very small which is good for on the go activities, the build quality is quite decent, buttons feel nice, but the a,b,x,y buttons take a bit of force to press, other than that it works beautifully.
Semplicemente una chiavetta wifi per il raspberry Pi 1-2, l'ho provata con openelec e funziona perfettamente senza bisogno di installare driver. <br>Promossa.
Un bel oggetto utile robusto ben fatto non deve mancare a chi pratica giardinaggio<br>si possono fare innesti precisi e perfetti anche da persone senza esperienza.<br>se siete amanti del verde questo è un oggetto che non deve mancare++++++++++++++++++++++
It took a long time for the product to arrive with shipping, but the product looks like a good quality product.these are the first impressions. I hope that the quality of the product is high quality in use as it seems
This is the best QuickCharge adapter for this price range! I very like it! It's perfect for everyday usage! I recommend it for everyone!
вроде неплохой кабель для зарядки разных устройств,проверил все разъёмы работают зарядка идёт,стоит пришёл довольно быстро,всем рекомендую
Apesar de eu ainda não aplicar no celular (pois o mesmo ainda não chegou), reparei os tamanhos e especificações e batem. O anti-riscos dele funciona, a aplicação me parece boa e ainda vem um paninho pequeno para limpar a tela antes da aplicação. <br>Pelo preço do mesmo, é um bom produto.
Good quality for really cheap price<br>Handy if you have many auxiliary headphones for smartphones that do not support 3.5mm port<br>Forms an edge and helps in pockets or bag
Удобное зарядное для трёх подключений. При одном подключении с нагрузкой 3 ампера, выдаёт примерно 2,65 ампера, при этом напряжение проседает примерно до 4,35 вольта.
le immagini dimostrative non facilitano l'acquisto del prodotto giusto. Nelle immagini viene mostrato il cavo con attacco per Android universale mentre i cavi che vengono da noi acquistati sono per attacco specifico. Questo ha comportato l'acquisto errato da parte mia.
Хороший кабель в оригинальной оплётке. Кабель довольно гибкий. но при изгибании оплётка препятствует излому кабеля. Планшет заряжает, не греется. Выглядит хорошо. Покупкой довольна.