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4.8 out of 5

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what people are saying
It is a nice smart device. I struggled a little until it connected to the native app, which is well made by the way, includes a lot of helps and tips, and supports a lot of type of smart devices. It says it can connect only on 2.4 GHz WIFI, but i used a second type of connection as the app suggested until the device got registered on my account, then it worked. Then you can connect your "Smart Life" (this is the name of the app and service) account to Google Home for example. You have all the help and description how to do it in the app and in Google Home app. I used this smart plug to be placed in the kitchen and connected the coffee machine to it. Then in the evening i can prepare the machine for the morning to be ready to make the coffee. I have added this smart plug to the Google Home's "Good Morning" routine to turn it on automatically, so when I wake up, I just say "hey google, good morning" while Google Assistant speaks, the coffee machine is starting to work! :-) And one last thing, the device has very good wifi coverage too. Highly recommend. Looking to purchase more and other types of smart devices from Alfawise brand.
Ótimo custo benefício!<br><br>A qualidade da imagem é ótima apesar de não ser HD<br>única coisa me incomodou no inicio é o barulho do projetor, mas conforme você vai assistindo o filme o barulho acaba passando despercebido, percebi também que vídeos em formato .mkv ficam sem áudio, para resolver isso basta instalar o VLC pela Playstore e executar os videos através do mesmo, portanto recomendo que comprem a versão com Android que o preço não tem tanta diferença e é muito vai vantajoso.<br>Infelizmente HD externo não é reconhecido pelo aparelho, mas isso é o de menos, é possivel ajustar o brilho,contraste,nitidez e audio atraves das configurações, deixando do jeito que achar melhor, o som do projetor também é muito bom, o ajuste de inclinação de tela desfoca as bordas, portanto recomendo não mexer nele.<br><br>Ótimo produto, compraria novamente<br>Único problema foi a demora da porcaria dos correios do brasil q demorou mais de dois meses pra entregar o produto e ainda fui taxado em 170 R$...
Nice little keyboard, really useful for occasional usage with multimedia PC which saved me lot of space on TV stand.<br>I've purchased it as replacement for full-size keyboard and mouse for multimedia PC and it fully matches for this role.<br>Wireless connection is stable. Keyboard keys have recognizable "click" which produces good tactile feedback. Pay attention that upper keys on both sides of touchpad are membrane keys - they have recognizable click on pressing.<br>Touch-pad is not very precise but good enough to control cursor movement. Colorful backlight is quite handy in dimly lit environment.<br>Probably the only drawback is absence of multimedia buttons to control playback but taking into account compactness of keyboard there is nothing to complain about.
I have had various smart fitness bracelets, and I think, this Alfawise I11plus one is as effective as any and has a few cool features.<br>Pros:<br>1) I am getting an accurate step count. I did a compare between my phone, and this. There was a tiny variance between the two, and can easily be accounted for by looking at the times when I am not carrying my phone around.<br>2) With the GPS mode, my movement track will be recorded by APP, clear and convenient.<br>3) The strap fitted with the sweat-wicking groove, which is more comfortable and sturdy. I'm happy with what arrived here. I also love the medium orchid color. It is a nice plum color.<br>4) My all time favorite feature is the screen, the bracelet is actually smaller than other similar devices, but it has a larger, sharper screen and can adjust the brightness of the screen.<br>5) Charges quickly! Charge for 2 hours can keep about one week use.
I bought one of these after watching a review on techtablets channel on youtube. He breaks it down exactly as is, so I knew what I was getting and couldn't be happier. The screen is super bright and high res (retina), it's supposed to be the same panel used in an earlier ipad mini model. The 4:3 screen ratio was one of the strong points for me, as the usual 16:9 is bad for reading stuff. PDFs look extremely sharp and clean. The speakers are very loud and less tinny than many other tablets. Battery lasts for about 5-6 hours when watching films/browsing. On standby, perhaps a week. One negative is that it comes with Android 6 and due to the locked ROM, this cannot be upgraded. But the OS isn't buggy, and I've had no issues to fix. The tablet is reasonably powerful also, it's quite snappy switching between apps and in light gaming (I use MAME to play old school arcade games).
I won a fitness bracelet which was a bit too bulky and feature-heavy for my tastes. Wanting a heart rate tracker to help with some anxiety issues, decided on this one after searching on Gearbest.<br>This smart fitness bracelet is fantastic! I prefer having the pin buckle and silicone band as they feel more secure and comfortable. It has a 1.14 inch HD screen which gives quite a lot of information, and there are lots of different dials for you to choose and change it within the app. <br>The bracelet has lots of superior functions, heart rate, blood pressure, and IP67 waterproof. It also gives sleep results which I had never really been interested in before, but now I love to see my results in the morning because I've been having trouble sleeping and it can help me understand why. <br>So far, I have had no problems with this one yet.
The alfawise B7 pro use the same chip that mi band 3 is using,the device look better than mi band 3,the only thing the alfawise dev team is to work in integrating the tracker details with google fit<br><br>Personly my weight scale sync data with google fit,so integrating this will help in relaying in single app.The flag fit app is great in providing necessary workout details in depth<br>The app distinguish perfectly b/w walk and run,and the 24hr heart rate sensor info is displayed in a clean ui by the app<br><br>Comparing with the mi band 3,which is the most popular selling fitness band in the 30 dollar segment u got <br>-a beautiful colour display that is good to view even in direct sunlight<br>-better ui than mi band <br>-alarm clock works perfectly<br>-sleep analyzer<br>so its a great deal under 15 dollar
Don't pass the opportunity to get these lovely headphones! The features it advertises are on point. They're perfect for your music, podcasts, movies or whatever you listen to on a daily basis. The batteries lasts as very long on a full charge. It speakers to you when it's turned on or off, when you connect it to your device and nags you when the battery is low. The only issue I have or had, is the initial setup. Boy that was a pain!!! You hadlve to download a lame app that I don't see how it helps or adds to the device and then it connects when it feels like. But after that it works like a charm. The headphone isn't too loud in your ears but when it's on and playing, it blocks out all external sounds, even without ANC turned on. Great deal! Lovely headphones!
I am having so much fun with this laser engraver. Once you get it put together, it will provide you so much fun too. <br>Precise details: the print accuracy is about 0.01mm, plus the stable frame and axis control, make this Alfawise C30 good at print precise details. <br>Enough engraving area: supports a 45 x 40cm engraving area, although I can't make something bigger, it can meet my personal needs very well.<br>Customizable design: equipped with the open structure motherboard, it’s able to replace some parts of it, to get different laser power & printing effect.<br>Wide application: the laser engraver supports wood, plastic, paper, bamboo, leather, and some other materials, so I'm free to work with all kinds of materials.
I bought this projector mainly to watch movies and watch photos.<br>It arrived quickly. It comes with remote control, AV cable, power cable。<br><br>The sharpness and brightness of the image is superb in my opinion, really great for family entertainment.<br>It works best in a darker room, although it is still watchable in daylight too.<br><br>The instruction manual is in English and it's clear enough to understand even for not so tech savvy person like me.<br><br>I wouldn't mind it being a bit big, but also realise for this parameters and class for this price the size is perfectly acceptable. It's very light at the same time, which makes it easy to carry.<br><br>Overall I'm happy with it and my family likes it too.
We have four of these now. and are completely satisfied.<br>Installation was quick and easy. Setup using the app is quick and easy.<br>With a little experience and trial and error, we were even able to use IFTTT and have Siri respond to "Lights on" (and other commands) to control these smartplugs. Hint - use IFTTT with webhook as a trigger - control the lights with the IFTTT compatible Smart Life service, then create a Siri Shortcut to call the webhook URL.<br>The only improvement I would make is to make a flat on one side of the smartplug - as it is, you cannot put a three-prong plug into a socket adjacent to the smartplug once the smartplug is plugged it. (US standard 3-prong outlet pair)
I really like these outlets, we now have a small collection over my house. Please enjoy this pro/con list:<br>PROS:<br>-works with Smart Life app, which is easy to use<br>-App interfaces with echo dots for easy voice control<br>-App has programmable rooms, scenes, commands, etc. (like saying “I’m home” to your echo and it turns on specific lights, or setting a scheduled timer from the app)<br>-Simple to add IF phone is on 2.4GHz WiFi and smart life app is open<br>-great for outlets that are in hard-to-reach places, like my lamp behind the couch that I can’t reach to turn on and off<br>-you can now pull a sweet prank on your brother by flashing his desk light on and off no matter where you are
i buyed this on flash sale, and i can absolutely recommend it. the sound is amazing! for the best experience you should listen to high quality sound like FLAC, 'cause this blew me away. they're so much more details in the music, espacially compared with my Xiaomi QTEJ02JY Pro HD Hybrid Earphones or even with "SoundTrue Ultra" from Bose. At the beginning i needed to get used to the shape of the headphone ( it takes me a little bit longer to plug them into my ear, 'cause the cables are behind my ear :D ) but it's worth it! <br><br>contra: sometimes one of the headphones detach from the cable while i store them in my bag, so better put them in an extra bag or try to fixate them.
Main Features:<br>●Optical blue switch, 1000Hz refresh rate, 2ms short response time for enjoying working and gaming<br>●Full key anti-ghosting and various multimedia shortcuts for easy operation<br>●6 different lighting modes switchable ( Fn + F9 ), CM1, CM2, CM3 for customization<br>●Aluminum alloy finish,anti-magnetic cable, and gold-plated USB interface for stable transmission<br>●Durable, rigorously designed keys, featuring double injection and suspended keycaps, long lifespan - up to 60,000,000 tapping per key
I already have some camera system installed I am just waiting for a doorbell one fit my needs. Because my front door is angled, so I was thinking we should be able to do something through this peephole. No wires and cables are required, so no clutter on my doorstep, I'm happy to have access to my family's surroundings at any time from the cellphone.<br>The video quality is a surprise, I don't have very high requirements for it, but I am really satisfied with its quality at present. And the videos can be stored in TF card, save more space.<br>Well, this is a very simple idea, but they are smart enough to see the need and design it. Good job Alfawise.
Very fast delivery, packaging very well thought out and very well protected all the parts. Everything was included no missing parts. The assembly was a good reference for assembling the unit, took less than half an hr assembling the unit. But that was an enjoyable project to assemble. The kit of parts is well thought out and made it easy to figure out how to assemble everything. Tested everything and all works as it should. Have been able to do some moderately precise engraving and cutting with the device. Very pleased with the capabilities of the machine and ease of use for what I originally intended to use it for.
I can't say enough good things about this mini lantern from Alfawise.<br>When I rate a product, one of the most important criteria is, Value For The Dollar.<br>This lantern certainly delivers.<br>It’s lightweight, compact and very bright.<br>There are others on the market for a little less and some for a little more.<br>My decision in purchasing this one was that they were really well-built, waterproof, and suitable for the various situation in daily life. It is very strong and sturdy.<br>The battery is durable, able to last for a long time, can be used as a power bank is a good plus.<br>On the whole, it's definitely worth its price. Don't hesitate!
My office does quite a few seminars (with PowerPoint) throughout the year, so we decided to purchase our own projector. In searching for projectors, many of the other reviews stated that the projector does not do well for PowerPoint. I was starting to think in order to find one that fit my needs, I was going to have to shell out $500 or more. Until I stumbled upon this projector. Not only does this projector work perfectly for our needs, but it was also extremely cost-effective. For the price, you truly can’t beat it. I would definitely recommend this product for anyone looking for a projector for similar needs as mine.
Das Alfawise Türschloss hat meine Erwartungen absolut überzeugt. Bisher funktioniert es einwandfrei und zieht alle Blicke auf sich.<br>Freunde und Familie wollen auch so ein smartes Türschloss.<br>Einziges Manko war der Einbau. Vermutlich wird das Türschloss in die meisten Türen und Rahmen nicht ohne Handwerken eingesetzt werden können. Wobei ich auch vermute, dass es in den europäischen Regionen nur bei Holztüren funktionieren wird, da das Türschloss doch eine andere Größe als handelsübliche Schließsysteme hat.<br>Sollte man allerdings ein Eigenheim besitzen, dürfte es für handwerklich begabte Menschen kein großes Problem darstellen.<br>Ich kann das Produkt allemal uneingeschränkt empfehlen!
Amazing for the money!!!! the Alfawise A10 is great right out of the box. This is the most beautiful and cheap projector you have been looking for, I have looked for many many evenings before I pulled the trigger! I find all projectors look best on a flat wall painted with flat ultra bright white. Don't use a screen unless you have to, it will be unimpressive. I had to guess what this may look like based on people using screens to project onto. I haven't messed with any of its settings yet. It is so nice looking with an HD video source, I can't really justify paying for a higher end model yet.
This was my first time to try a laser engraver. The shipping was extremely fast. The instructions are not very detailed, you need to find a more detailed video. It only take me about 30 minutes to put them together(if you don't want do these complex job, you can buy a assembled one directly). Everything did go well after installation with the software. Really a nice little controller for GRBL. Plus the offline controller saved me a lot of trouble of leaving a computer hooked up to the engraver, I am happy with how this machine turned out and will be using it often.
Powiem tak, jako nalogowy gadzeciarz, gamer i eksplorator internetu nie mam czasu, sily czy checi do robienia porzadku w pokoju a co dopiero do odkurzania. Niestety z bolem serca jestem do tego zmuszony gdy potykam sie juz o kolonie kurzu i okruchow ktore walcza o swoje prawa jako mniejszosc etniczna na mojej podlodze. Lecz gdybym do swych sil porzadkowych wcielil Alfawise problem by zniknal, kurz i inny brud by byl regularnie pacyfikowany zanim bym zauwazyl jego obecnosc, a sam moglbym skupic sie na wlasnych przyjemnosciach w czystym pokoju :)
Amazing for the money!!!! the Alfawise A9 is great right out of the box. This is the cheap projector you have been looking for, I have looked for many many evenings before I pulled the trigger! I find all projectors look best on a flat wall painted with flat ultra bright white. Don't use a screen unless you have to, it will be unimpressive. I had to guess what this may look like based on people using screens to project onto. I haven't messed with any of its settings yet. It is so nice looking with an HD video source, I cant really justify paying for a higher end model yet.
I put it in my carry on luggage so I can pump their leg rest, and I also pump up their inflatable bath tub. I am happy it is so small and light so it doesn’t take too much space and weight of my luggage, since I usually carry lots of things with two children.<br>One button control, easy to use, this compressor is compact and sturdy, with no excessive noise during operation, it is very smooth and quiet. It filled up pretty fast and I was impressed since it was so tiny and light.<br>The pressure is lower than those big pumps but for the purposes above it is definitely enough.
Comprei dois Wl32 para mesa de cabeceira,<br><br>Pontos positivos:<br>Tem uma luz bastante agradável, com níveis de intensidade suficientes também para leitura.<br>O sensor de toque 360 é sem duvida um dos pontos fortes, em qualquer ponto da base funciona perfeitamente sem ter de fazer força, basta um toque suave.<br>Oferece uma decoração Moderna, com tons de cores que se adaptam a qualquer espaço.<br><br>Negativo:<br>O som da coluna não é o melhor, sentindo distorção/ruido . <br>A luz Led da base, que mostra a conectividade do Bluetooth, devia dar para desligar, pois durante a noite ilumina de uma forma intermitente.<br>As colunas podiam emparelhar entre si para poder emitir um sinal de Bluetooth em stereo.
My package was shipped very quickly and arrived on time, the scooter was in good condition too.<br>Once the scooter was fully charged, I was ready to ride, the ride was smooth and the vacuum tires performed well even on uneven pavements. <br>pretty light for its size, easy to carry for me, that I can fold it up and take it into class, sometimes I finish classes late, which is when its super-bright headlights come in handy.<br>And I can check the speed, battery and lots of information through the screen, convenient for using. Overall it is fun to ride and I love the scooter.
SK - Produkt dorazil v poriadku a bez problemov. Bol som velmi milo prekvapeny s kvalitou spracovania a celkovy dojem je vynikajuci ! Kvalitny produkt za dobru cenu. Odporúčam.<br>Dakujem Gearbest.<br><br>ENG - The product has arrived fine and has no problems. I was very pleasantly surprised with the quality of the workmanship and the overall impression is great! Quality product for good price. I recommend.<br>Thank you Gearbest.
My dentist - while cleaning my teeth last week - kept drilling me, "YOU HAVE TO GET AN ELECTRIC TOOTH BRUSH TO FIGHT OFF YOUR PLAQUE BUILD-UP YOU ALWAYS GET!"<br>So, I decided to follow her advice.<br>I saw the ratings on this and was very skeptical because of the bargain price.<br>This is the best toothbrush I have ever used! It gets the job done, it notifies you via vibration when you've completed 2 minutes of brushing, and it's very sensitive on the teeth. I've never had cleaner teeth every morning and night like this.<br>Must buy and try!
Easy to install, Doorbell works so well! It had to go pretty far in my house and I really didn't think it would work, but it was loud and clear. It was very reasonably priced and arrived fast. I wish the tape stuck better, but I was trying to stick it on bricks and it fell off. When I put it on a painted wood gate it stuck just fine. This doorbell was super easy to set up and worked in minutes. If you also want to buy a wireless doorbell, this is a good choice, the price is very low, the quality is also very good. Great product so far!
This is a Smart Watch that works very well with the IPHONE app that goes along with it. It is very easy to understand. It tracks my steps, calories burned, workouts, and also can be paired with my phone. It also can control the music on my iphone and it also regulates my heart rate and send all the info to the app that I can view later and share with my loved ones if I choose.I would recommend this watch as an alternative to the Apple Iphone if you are looking to save money and have a smaller budget to work with. A++