Chuwi technologies creates devices in Android and Windows platform. Choosing to give its customers a choice, Chuwi has achieved great success in both realms. The screens produced by Chuwi are highly acclaimed for it's color accuracy, vibrancy, and response time. If picture quality and build is important to you, Chuwi is your best choice.

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"Its an amazing 8 inch tablet and for sure it worths every cent, Fun little mini tablet, Great for all my multimedia, inspired by the iPad Mini"

4.7 out of 5

Reviews Score Average based 306 reviews

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Das Laptop ist an sich ist eigentlich eine feine Sache. Ich habe es gleich vom Anfang an lieb gewonnen. Sehr gutes Preis-Leistungsverhältnis. Funktioniert etwas schneller als mein Altes, mit einem prima Bildschirm und das noch in einem ultra-kompakten Gehäuse. <br>Ein Wermutstropfen war, dass, in der unteren rechten Ecke, Touchpad reingedrückt war, was nicht kritisch, aber sichtbar ist . <br>Dafür habe ich 50 Dollar Entschädigung bekommen. Passt. Ich habe mich damit abgefunden. <br>Um Touchpad zu reparieren habe ich das Laptop aufgemacht und festgestellt, dass es von innen nicht zugänglich, sondern von außen rein geklebt ist. Außerdem erwartete mich dabei eine zweite Enttäuschung. Allem Anschein nach wurde das Laptop schon geöffnet und es ein Rückläufer ist . <br>Aber wenn es weiterhin funktioniert, ist es trotzdem, für das Geld, immer noch ein Schnäppchen.<br><br>Я очень даволен лэптопом. Мне в нем всё нравится. Но есть не большая доля огорчения, т.к. присутствовал брак в виде вдавленного тачпада в нижнем левом углу, никак не влияющим на работу. Чисто оптический дефект. Получил за него 50 долларов назад. Это максимум что они дают. Всё вместе получилось 199 Евро. Я доволен. <br>Да и с нутри тачпад не доступен(я разбирал смотрел), он вклеен снаружи.<br><br>The laptop itself is actually a fine thing. I have loved it right from the beginning. Very good price-performance ratio. Works a little faster than my old one, with a great screen and still in an ultra compact case.<br>A downside was that, in the lower right corner, touchpad was pressed in, which is not critical, but visible.<br>For that I got 50 dollars compensation. Fits. I came to terms with it.<br>To repair the touchpad, I opened the laptop and found that it was not accessible from the inside, but glued in from the outside. In addition, a second disappointment awaited me. By all appearances, the laptop has already opened and it is a return.<br>But if it keeps working, it's still a bargain for the money.
The laptop arrived fast, packed very well and in great shape. When I opened it, impressed with the stylish appearance of the AeroBook, looks very textured.<br>The Intel processor although only has two cores, but its speed is enough for my study and entertainment. Watching movie or playing music is very smoothly and stable, also I can using word, PPT without feel slow. The 13.3 inch IPS screen has a resolution of 1920 x 1080, the image quality is really good, shows your every detail of the picture. It also designed with a perfect size for easy going, not too large or small. It runs Windows 10 OS. Strongly recommended to buy it. Love it!!!!!!
I recently purchased the Chuwi tablet and I’m very impressed with the quality and speed. I’m an interior designer and often have clients that need to see renderings. After finding this on the website I am a loyal fan. I’m able to create renderings on the fly with my compatible software. Never have I been able to do that with a tablet in this price range. I’m<br>In love. It really is a great compact little thing to just throw in my purse and run to meetings.<br>It boots up super quick and everything works great.<br>Overall I really like it and I can highly recommend it.
Ein schönes großes und bestens ablesbares Display. Für die normalen Anwendungen (surfen, lesen, Word) ist das Tablet perfekt. Es ist aber relativ schwer in der Hand. Tolle Verarbeitung mit abgerundeten Ecken, Alugehäuse und 3D-Display. Sehr edel. WLAN Empfang (5ghz)schnellt und mit guter Reichweite. Updates werden ohne Probleme gezogen. Ich habe des Tablet 1 x zurückgesetzt und neu durchgestartet. Seitdem funktioniert leider das Touchpad der Tastatur nicht mehr.
Received today, very high quality made.<br>The buttons are soft, the mouse pad is very wide, very comfortable, it works smoothly.<br>Loaded quickly, everything works smoothly.<br><br>Let's look further, see when the Windows boots up, all the same 4GB of RAM is not enough, I thought it would not pull at all.<br><br>I can only say I have a Teclast powerbook 8gb ram stucks . Chuwi for its cost just a gift.
now I am using this tablet for three years and no bigger problems occured. dualboot is a nice option, the additional keyboard is cool to transform the tablet into a laptop. the minus is only that no Android upgrades are available and therefore some applications stop working or are not working at all. battery still in good condition, daily use
Workd pretty well, good for the price. Good wide screen. I use Android most of the time. Windows has some bugs. Batery is not very strong, but good enough. Plenty of space and RAM.<br>It is good to have a case for protection
This tablet works perfectly. i recommend to use a screen protector. After 4 years of use, I'm happy to say it still works really well. I reinstalled the OS to have only Windows because actually I was only using it, not Android.<br>With the battery saving mode, it lasts about 6h of pdfs reading and highlighting (I use it to study).
With a brilliant screen and a very good writing stylus it is a useful companion. With 64gb of storage expandeble with a SD (I used a 128 gb Samsung) it may support anything you need.<br>Battery his good enough for a full day using if you don't use too much wifi or mobile connection. In a few words: is is my favoured!!!
So this tablet is now over 6 years and I still use it. I had another one also purchased from GearBest but that I dropped and cracked.<br>Everything works like a charm even though the only OS that gets updated is the Windows. The Android OS not recently.<br>All in all I am sticking with it until it breaks.
This little box is simply amazing and how lovely to have a computer that is completely hidden away, mounted on the rear of the monitor. Windows updates are also smooth without any hitches. I would recommend this product to any who require a good computer that takes up hardly any space.
So I purchased this together with the case and the keyboard and it has worked like a charm.<br>Easy to use and the build quality is a dream.<br>Can't say anything negative about it since I am satisfied to the max. <br>The keyboard and tablet combination makes it feel like I carry a laptop with me.
I love this tablet and this brand.<br>The tablet is fast and work like a charm.<br>I use it every day.<br><br>The only things i dont like is that the android of the tablet don't have any updates and i still couldn't find a way to not allowing the android to cut the CPU speed when battery reach 25%
Highly recommend this Windows tablet. Great value for money. I had purchased the Chuwi Hi10 Pro before which was also excellent. This one is slightly more compact and light, with same processor and display resolution. It comes pre-installed with Windows 10 Home edition.
pros:<br>- the battery is great<br>- gets along with windows 10 very well<br>- lightweight<br>- good for reading/studying<br><br>cons:<br>- the power button some times gets confused and does not power up the device<br>- the letters of the logo on the back fell off in no time, this one is not a big deal!
I own this product for over a year now, it is portable fast, given its specs, and reliable. The only issue I faced is that on Android OS the battery drains even without usage. On windows this issue does not exist.<br><br>Very satisfied with this product
Хороший качественный планшет. Стоит операционка Remix OS, качественный дисплей, запас памяти 4/64Гб, хорошая сборка. За эту цену отличный выбор
great tablet works really well I like duel boot. in my opinion it's well worth the money in better than a Windows Surface tablet cost-effective you can do publisher and Microsoft Word I'm still have all the Android apps
Die Verarbeitung für diesen Preis ist hochwertig, es ist leicht aber stabil und die Austattung für meine Zwecke völlig ausreichend, Office sowie CAD/CAM für DIY Projekte. Ich habe den internen Speicher mit in besseren Flash Karte erweitert und das Betriebssystem auf die Karte verschoben. Damit startet das System schneller.<br><br>Danke
This tablet is probably the best on the market due to its price. For just over 160€ you get a 10" tablet with dual SIM support, GPS, 4GB RAM and 8 core processor. And thanks to DHL delivery I had it at home for 3 business days.
Отличная компактная клавиатура - чехол, 2в1. Складывается в подставку. Жаль нет нанесенной кирилицы на клавиши. Нужно клеить наклейки
This beats an Ipad hands down, It has great functionality and heaps of ports. I take it with me when I travel and it hits the spot. I also take an external HDD to watch my movies ... Its great
I love this kind of items since they are very useful, in this case to carry my laptop everywhere I go.<br>I definitely recommend it to my friends and everybody.
Natural finger-touch screen makes the most of Windows 10. The 3000 x 2000 resolution boasts impressive color and clarity and IPS technology provides wide viewing angles
Really nice tablet. Bought it for my son and thinking about getting one myself. Really fast and great display. No lagging at all with any games or HD video tried on it.
Love it. Really well made product. Silent and compact but performs very well for browsing and streaming. Super easy to upgrade to a larger faster HDD.
The product is very satisfied with its performance above expectations.<br>I was surprised that the delivery date was early.<br>Thanks GearBest
quite nice and solid manufactured TV box with android, everything working as it should. the Air mouse is a little bit tricky to handle but OK
very good, its a great product, very useful, we used it every day. we are very gratefull for it and will order other things as well!
The service was outstanding, everything quickly and easily sent. It was as in the calculated temporal Ramhmen been sent in time. Everything was good to track with shipping code! Delivered safely and at no extra cost as paid. Happy again!