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Why Didn’t I Recommend You to Buy Alfawise Micro SD Card 32GB?

This Alfawise Micro SD card is pretty cool.

Some reasons I would like to share it with you:

♥ For such a low price, this is the best pick.

♥ For the cute design, you should get different ones for different things such as your mobile phone, tablet, video doorbell, or dashcam.

♥ For the fast data transfer speed, this card in my Huawei P30 Pro was read: 58Mb/s and written: 25Mb/s, almost the same as described. I’m satisfied with the high speed. It’s fast for both pictures and videos storage.

♥ For the memory capacity, I suggested you spending a little bit more for a larger-capacity version like 128GB. 

Yes, this is a 32GB version, and actually, it is 30GB. 2GB waste is not too much, but 32gb is not enough for storing tons of videos. I transfer some pictures (10MB each) and videos from my smartphone to the computer regularly.

On the whole, for its price, beautiful look, fast transfer speed, excellent read-and-write-ability, and waterproof build, I highly recommend this Alfawise nano memory card.

Alfawise High Speed High Capacity Waterproof Micro SD Card




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